Maroon and White

Scarsdale Maroon and White

Supporting Scarsdale HS Athletics and Physical Education

Board of Directors 2017-18

Maroon and White Executive Board


Beth Dell’Orto and Greg Cahaly

Vice Presidents/Sports Journal

Kate and Matt Conlan


Kathy Cutlip

Asst. Treasurer

Chris Saenger


Tara and Rick Jacobson


Deb and Vince Franco


Lynn Elcik


David Glickman

Maroon and White Board Members

Karyn and Wayne Aaron
Lill and Jim Andruss
Rebecca and Shane Ankeney 

Christine and John Bench 

Melissa and Eric Berridge 

Stacey Cahaly

Kate and Jamie Carnicelli 

Anita and Pat Carroll 

Mike Cutlip
Peter Dell’Orto

Andrew Elcik
Anne and Mike George
Jen and Josh Glantz
Denise Del Balzo
Kristin and John Gorham 

Jenn and Jon Love
Vanessa and Mark Mandel 

Jeanne and Steve Maroney

Christine and Tom McPhillips 

Eileen and Steve Nicholas 

Susie and Bill Quill
Helene and Jeff Quirk

Diane and Bryan Rolfe 

Maryellen Saenger
Rachel and Bob Salazar
Hilary and Peter Shaev
Amy and Brian Song
Judy and Graham Stanley 

Beth Zadel and Joph Stekel 

Kerry and Brian Walker 

Angela and Kevin Waterhouse 

Eva and Harry Wilson

Carol and Larry Wolfe 

Ray Pappalardi , ex officio